Glad you found me!

by admingd, 06/10/2013


Welcome One and All to the new-look Designakuten ( webpage!  What better way to introduce a new chapter to my working life as a freelance design specialist than with a short introduction?

I am 35 years old and originally from Manchester, England and currently reside in beautiful Stockholm, Sweden. I married  my Finnish wife, Onna in July 2013 and we look forward to many years of adventure (and tending to our cat Siouxsie).

When I’m not designing, I enjoy cycling, music, tacky 60s & 70s horror movies and cooking.  I am a mine of movie and history trivia which sometimes causes me to forget my bank pincode.

For the more formal resumé, please take a look at my linkedin profile.

More blog-posts, thoughts, photos and snippets will be forthcoming…