A fresh approach

by admingd, 22/03/2015

A little way into my journey running my own company and feel ready to comment on my experiences so far.  I took the plunge and trusted myself to my own skills and network.  It was indeed a scary prospect; to strive and survive purely on your own efforts!  However, I found after a few faltering starts and dips, I was not actually on my own.  To make the switch from employed to potential employer is quite an adjustment.  For starters, the guaranteed minimum salary is out of the window.  What you earn, after tax,  is what puts food on the table and keeps the debt collectors away…  It’s a steep learning curve but I am glad I did.

cv_portrait_0785_cut_bwI am now part of a helpful and great network of creative and energetic professionals.  By actively working with existing customers and using their contacts to bring future work is both rewarding and fun! Every challenge which you encounter can be tackled by asking for advice, or sitting down with a piece of paper and sketching out a plan.  I hope to continue working as a preferred designer for several customers  across the Nordic countries, Europe and beyond.

My helpful nature often means I can assist in dissecting some of the technological ambiguity and confusing array of tools a modern business must increasingly rely on.  This I feel is a selling point which has served me well so far and hope to be able to build upon.  I can make sense of your social media requirements.  Integrate your marketing material into an existing or new visual presence.  Or assist migration between several CMS and CRM systems.

Whatever your design emergency, I hope to be able to help to the best of my abilities!  Look forward to hearing from you!